Supporting Member Testimonials from Member Schools

COBIS is proud of our Supporting Members who work with COBIS schools on a regular basis. Our schools often provide feedback to us on the fantastic work they do.

If your school would like to submit a testimonial based on the work of a COBIS Supporting Member, please use this form to submit your feedback.

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School Name: New School Rome
Supporting Member Organisation: EAL Academy
Date Used: February 2019
Comments: I was impressed and very pleased with the EAL academy's INSET on English acquisition in the classroom. They blended academic theory with skills enabling teachers to apply their learning in the classroom. Their easy and friendly delivery belied a sharp, intelligent focus. The INSET day left us questioning the value of our insistence on using English in the classroom where evidence might suggest learning occurs faster if students are allowed to use their own language to decipher and understand. I would recommend the academy very highly. - Jonathan Massey, Headteacher

School Name: St. Paul’s School, Brazil
Supporting Member Organisation: BlueSky
Date Used: May 2019
Comments: BlueSky has helped us to implement a more targeted and structured approach to CPL, and to our staff professional learning and development.  We now use it all the time and it has provided us with a great platform for continuing to share best practice and to develop our most precious resource, our staff team. 
- Louise Simpson, Head, St. Paul’s School

School Name: Royal Grammar School Guildford in Qatar 
Supporting Member Organisation: m2r Education
Date Used: May 2018 
Comments: Munir and his team were excellent from start to finish. They filtered candidates based on our criteria and I have been delighted with the calibre of staff we appointed through m2r Education. - Alistair Downs, Head of School  

School Name: English International College
Supporting Member Organisation: This is Language
Date Used: April 2018 
Comments: This website is brilliant to allow pupils to practise their listening skills. It also has a fantastic bank of resources on grammar. Pupils like using the website because they work individually, at their own pace and for teachers it provides very effective and time saving activities; getting individual pupils' scores is also very useful. We recently subscribed to the website, but it is already at the top of the list of the resources we use, it became extremely popular with all MFL teachers and pupils very quickly. - Anne Rienzi, Head of MFL 

School Name: British International School of Stavanger 
Supporting Member Organisation: Derventio Education 
Date Used: March 2018 
Comments: Before we implemented SchooliP into our school, all of our processes were paper based; this included all of our performance management and staff appraisals. It makes the whole professional development process obvious for staff, their agreed objectives and standards are right in front of them and these are very easily accessible at any point throughout the year. They themselves can identify if they are slipping, even if this is unintentionally, and can rectify it before it comes to an interim review or end of year appraisal. What I have observed is that as a result of SchooliP, it makes the professional development process more obvious to staff, gives continuous professional development value and brings it more to the forefront of their priorities. - Anne Howells, Principal 

School name: GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail
Supporting Member Organisation:  Real Training (part of Real Group)
Date used: January 2018
Comments: This NASENCO course has enabled me to do my job much more effectively and has given me the confidence in my decisions which I have at times lacked prior to studying. The tutors are extremely supportive and the constructive criticism is helpful and very useful. - Elspeth Mackie, Inclusion Manager

School Name: Brighton College Abu Dhabi 
Supporting Member Organisation: CHQ Group
Date Used: January 2018
Comments: CHQ is a fantastic tool excellent for parents and teachers alike. Teachers have really appreciated having immediate access to contact information and medical details during activities, through the CHQ mobile application, and our ability to monitor ‘who is where’ during co-curricular periods, has tightened up our safeguarding of pupils”. Simon Crane, Head of School, Brighton College Abu Dhabi

School Name: The British School of Gran Canaria 
Supporting Member Organisation: Dragonfly
Date Used: October 2017
Comments: Alan Jervis' workshop was universally appreciated and valued by the teaching staff, with each member of the faculty finding numerous tips, advice and stimulating ideas readily available. The enthusiasm instilled, and practical nature of the workshop meant that several staff implemented new strategies and resources the next day of teaching! - Julian Clarke, Director

School Name: Wellington College International, Tianjin 
Supporting Member Organisation: Titus Learning 
Date Used: September 2017 
Comments: Titus Learning was presented to us by our previous Group Director of ICT. He had contact with some of the current managers … and found them to be energetic and responsive. Here in WCIT we usually find working with young teams in developing companies with good ideas, positive energy, and a flexible approach beneficial to both sides, and Titus Learning was no exception – we quickly agreed upon all terms and requirements, and the Titus team started work immediately. Ours is perhaps a specific case, as digital communication in China can be quite different to what we are used to overseas, but together we managed to overcome problems and our VLE was set up and ready to go. - Gregor Markovic, Head of ICT 

School Name: The British School in Tokyo
Supporting Member Organisation: EyeFilm
Date Used: September 2017
Comments: Having commissioned EyeFilm to create a short film show-casing our flagship BST Outdoors programme, we were delighted with both the process and the final outcome. Charlie and Max were with us for a full week and filmed 'on location'in a range of precarious positions - dangling from ropes, balancing in kayaks and running alongside paragliders. They were great sports throughout and the result was spectacular! 

They also offered a masterclass in film editing which went down very well with our students and which we hope will pay dividends in the future as we produce our own video highlights in-house.

I can't recommend the EyeFilm team highly enough - and we will certainly welcome them back to Tokyo in the near future. - Brian Christian, Principal

School Name: Ulaanbaatar Elite International School
Supporting Member Organisation: EducationCity 
Date Used: September 2017
Comments: Ulaanbaatar Elite International School has been using Education City for almost 2 years and it has been beneficial in many ways for teachers, parents and students. 
For teachers, lesson planning right through to marking and assessment are visible in this website. Teachers simply search for the right content related to the topic recently discussed and they will be given options based on the level of the students. The process is easy. They just have to make a new classwork or homework, add contents then choose the settings based on their preferences. Teachers are also able to differentiate work for individual students, groups or classes, which exactly meet the needs of those specific students. The amazing part is that parents can see the homework or classwork published by the teachers. Teachers can make revisions or add contents later on. They also have an access to the students’ information so once the parents and students ask, they can easily give the information to them. In other words, it’s very flexible and useful for the teachers.

For the parents, it’s has been a very useful tool to make connections with their children. Once the homework was given especially to younger students, parents must assist them in finding the right homework given to their kids. Furthermore, parents who need assistance in English learn with their kids. Parents also enjoy the activities and find them challenging. We received positive feedbacks from some of the parents and they mentioned about Education City being useful for both students and parents. Parents use the website to study on their own since they have full access to it. They are allowed to search for topics based on their level as well. They also practice a lot during their free time because the site is not limited to classwork and homework. 

The students of Ulaanbaatar Elite International School find the website enjoyable and challenging. They always look forward to classwork and homework given to them. The school allots an hour every week for Education City alone and the students look forward to that hour. They enjoy the graphics, the design, the sounds and the way the site was user friendly to everyone. They like answering the questions by clicking on the right answer. Given that the site gives them a chance to print their own certificates adds excitement to them. Mustafa Soydemir - Primary Principal

School Name: Jerudong International School 
Supporting Member Organisation: Titus Learning 
Date Used: September 2017 
Comments: The EduLink One app is great and far superior to the alternative app we trialled. Our teachers love being able to complete the register on a mobile device and adore being able to edit/create reports at home with a really effective write back function. EduLink One has been a revelation to our staff. Registers take seconds to complete, requiring very few clicks. All very easy and time efficient. - Barnaby Sandow, Principal

School Name: Polish British Academy of Warsaw 
Supporting Member Organisation: the-learning-crowd 
Date Used: June 2017
Comments: The workshop with Natalie from “the-learning-crowd” was a valuable experiences for my school teachers. The two-day training was well planned and focused on our needs and questions. The staff response to this training was overwhelmingly positive! They immediately put the information they learned to work in their classroom experiences, parent meetings etc. Thank you! - Kamila Wilczynska, Headteacher 

School Name: Doha College 
Supporting Member Organisation: CHQ Group
Date Used: April 2017
Comments: In the short time we have been using CHQ, it has really changed the way we approach our Extra Curricular Activity schedules. There has been a massive time-saving with the removal of manual spreadsheets and databases. We have been able to increase the number of ECAs that pupils can sign up to at no additional work load - this has certainly made parents happy. Importantly, we are able to better track where our pupils are after school and so be more confident in the safeguarding of our pupils. Douglas Briggs - Director of Extra Curricular Activities 

School Name: Maadi British International School
Supporting Member Organisation: the-learning-crowd 
Date Used: March 2017 
Comments: The Learning Crowd provided MBIS with an excellent consultancy service. Great communication before, during and after the school visit ensured clarity of objectives, insightful discussion and a pragmatic report to support school strategic action. The Learning Crowd provide a very professional service and represent value for money. Highly recommended. - Richard White, Head 

School Name: GEMS Royal Dubai School
Supporting Member Organisation: Learning Ladders
Date Used: January 2017
Comments: Learning Ladders enables pupils to take ownership and feel part of their learning journey. Their customer service and care enable problems to be sorted quickly, ensuring all customers receive a high level of service. More importantly, they treat us as partners rather than customers and assist us, parents and children to get the best out of their easy to use system. The fact they listen and act on feedback to continuously improve their service ensures Learning Ladders maintains a high level of customer service and constantly evolves with the changing education landscape, it's always fresh and new. - Adam Hassoun, Assistant Principal

This project was the runner up of the Supporting Member of the Year Award 2018

School Name: St George's International School Luxembourg
Supporting Member Organisation: A Tale Unfolds
Date Used: January 2017
Comments: Over the past 12 months, A Tale Unfolds have been visiting regularly in order to help us combine traditional literacy and digital skills. Through staff training and class workshops, we have been transforming our English work into digital projects like campaign videos, political speeches, cooking programmes and film trailers.These visits gave our teaching staff the confidence to produce a body of work which A Tale Unfolds helped us curate into the first ever St George's International Primary School Film Festival held on 24th January 2017 in our auditorium. Over 4 screenings, we showcased 20 short films which our pupils wrote and performed themselves with only some help on the filming side. Parents attended the screenings and were shocked by the results. The enthusiasm from the kids was incredible as was the progress in their writing. The British Ambassador for Luxembourg opened the festival with a keynote speech, we had the film director Emmanuelle Itier congratulate us from the Sundance Film Festival and countless parents commenting that it was the best thing that the school had ever done. - Wendi Roberts, Achievement and Progress Officer

This project was the winner of the Supporting Member of the Year Award 2018