The COBIS Supporting Member of the Year Award celebrates the fantastic work our Supporting Associates do with COBIS schools every year. Four projects were shortlisted for this year's Award.

Winner of the Award - 7billionideas 
Runner Up - Discovery Education

Winner: 7billionideas    
Project Description:
In 2018, British School Jakarta (BSJ) faced declining student numbers and a downturn in admissions. The newly appointed Principal, David Butcher, was keen to enter a transformational change programme. David Harkin, CEO of 7billionideas, worked closely with BSJ to invest in changing the mentality of academic and non-academic staff, to create a vision around an employee engagement platform. 
Firstly, an Innovation team was formed by appointing a Chief Innovation Officer, selected from the existing staff. BSJ then implemented their employee engagement platform, Spark, re-branded as BSJ-IDEAS.COM. This platform enables employees to pitch their ideas on how to improve the methods and practices within their workplace. Employees would post an idea, like or comment on the ideas of others. These would be developed into a thread of comments generating unique solutions to problems that were being felt across the organisation. 

The resulting impact on the school has been the flagship ideas: 
Online CP Certificate for Parents: All parents have to undergo Child Protection training. This used to be carried out in person which was costly and time consuming. As a result of an alternative being posted, BSJ now offers online CP training, where parents are given a digital certificate, saving paper and printing. 
Nursing Pod: A mother came forward about being a breast-feeding back-to-work mum. Six women were in the same position and a Mother’s Room was created. 
Prayer Room: The suggestion of a Prayer Room within the school received over 50 ‘likes’ and a team of employees worked to ensure it became a reality. 
BSJ MBA: BSJ’s enterprise, entrepreneurship and business offerings have been brought under one banner – the BSJ MBA. Whilst at school, students can now complete elements of the MBA and graduate at different points. It has further helped the school to be seen as a thought leader in this space. 

The platform has helped with the happiness and wellbeing of stakeholders, which has passed down to the students. British School Jakarta has become a flagship school in the area with its unique offering. By implementing the ideas from the platform, costs have been reduced, time has been saved, revenue generated and morale as a whole has increased.

Judge’s Comments:
“The hands on bottom up approach by 7billionideas had a transformative impact on the school driving up staff effectiveness and satisfaction, economic impact and pupil engagement. A great collaborative project.”

“Excellent evidence of measurable impact on the school. Consultation with staff producing tangible results.”

Runner Up: Discovery Education    
Project: COBIS coding competition
Project Description
Students were tasked with creating an app around the theme 'Journeys'.
All students were able to access the brilliant tutorials on the Discovery Education website to help them understand the key skills needed to compete in the challenge. The tutorials are engaging and accessible for all students. The school had over 100 students enter their app for the competition with many of those students choosing to work during their lunchtimes to code their own app; illustrating just how enthralled students were.
Discovery Education were supportive every step of the way. They produced excellent guidance before the competition and gave ample time for students to complete suggested tutorials to help them to then go on and transfer their knowledge to create their own app.  Students with little understanding of sequencing and selection were introduced to these concepts in a fun and informative method. 

Judge’s Comments:
“The student engagement and impact was brilliant in this project - any project that results in pupils giving up their lunch hour to work is a huge win!”

“Demonstration of innovation and real engagement with pupils - setting pupils up with skills for life.”

COBIS Supporting Member of the Year Award 2020
Shortlisted Entries

7billionideas -
Nominated by the British School Jakarta  

Discovery Education - COBIS coding competition    
Nominated by the Alice Smith Primary School, Malaysia

M2R Education - Recruitment
Nominated by the British International School and Montessori Education, Sierra Leone  

the-learning-crowd - Lower School Reconfiguration
Nominated by St Catherine's British School, Greece





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