The COBIS Eco Film Awards celebrates our students’
commitment to a sustainable future.

We invited COBIS students to produce a short film showcasing a project they had carried out to improve the environmental sustainability of their school. Through this competition, we hoped to develop COBIS students’ environmental awareness and empower them to take action. Congratulations to all students who took part. The competition judges, NAEE, were extremely impressed with the incredible work being carried out in our member schools around the world.

2020 Entries
You can view a selection of this year's entries on our YouTube Channel.

Competition Winners
Congratulations to our 2020 competition winners and runners-up! Please scroll down to watch the winning films.

Key Stage 1-2

 Place  School  Entry
 Winner  DSB International School, India

 Not a Drop to Waste
 The Paper Cut Project
 The Food Waste Awareness Project


 Start-Rite Schools, Nigeria

 From Waste to Waste Bins

 The Edron Academy, Mexico

 Eco Film

 Highly Commended  Haileybury Astana, Kazakhstan  Plastic IS Fantastic

Key Stage 3-5

 Place  School  Entry
 Winner  International School of Bucharest, Romania

 Plant a Friend 


 Grange School, Nigeria

 Grange goes Green

 Jerudong International School,   Brunei 

 House Forest Level Awards
 Hawksprey Sustainable Business

 Highly Commended  Marlborough College, Malaysia  I am a Bottle Cap

A certificate and prize has been awarded to the winner and runners-up of each category: 

  • Winner:  £150 Amazon voucher plus a DK book bundle containing environmentally themed books. 
  • Runners-up:  £75 Amazon voucher 

We would like to thank our competition partner, National Association for Environmental Education (NAEE), for judging the entries. Click the button below to read NAEE's report about the competition, including commentary on the winning entries.

NAEE Report

Winning Films


Key Stage 1-2 Winner
DSB International School (Not a Drop to Waste)

DSB International School won the Key Stage 1-2 category thanks to their three combined projects (water, paper and food waste). To view their additional films, please click on the links below:

Key Stage 3-5 Winner
International School of Bucharest (Plant a Friend)


Key Stage 1-2 Runners-up
Start-Rite Schools (From Waste to Waste Bins)

The Edron Academy (Eco Film)

Key Stage 3-5 Runners-up
Grange School (Grange Goes Green)

Jerudong International School (House Forest Level Awards)

Jerudong International School earned runner-up position thanks to their two combined projects (House Forest Level Awards and their Hawksprey Sustainable Business). To view the film about their Hawksprey Sustainable Stingless Bee and Herb Business, please click here.

Highly Commended

Key Stage 1-2 Highly Commended
Haileybury Astana (Plastic IS Fantastic)

Key Stage 3-5 Highly Commended
Marlborough College (I am a Bottle Cap)

Terms and Conditions 
Full terms and conditions for the COBIS Eco Film Awards can be downloaded here


We would like to thank DK for sponsoring the COBIS Eco Film Awards 2020. 

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This competition is run in association with the the UK National Association for Environmental Education (NAEE).

NAEE – the UK National Association for Environmental Education –  is an independent charity that supports and promotes teaching and learning in schools about the environment and sustainability. It was formed in the 1960s and publishes its journal for members, Environmental Education, three times a year. NAEE believes that young people have a right to first-hand educational experiences in their local environment as these are critical in helping them to understand the importance of the biosphere to all life on Earth, and is committed to campaigning for a strong focus on environmental and sustainability issues across the school curriculum.

The Association’s website contains a weekly update, blogs, feature articles, book reviews and curriculum-focused reports.

Details of how to join NAEE are available at