The COBIS & Pobble Poetry Competition is a celebration of COBIS students’ creative writing skills across the globe. The COBIS & Pobble Poetry Competition 2020 will run from Monday 30 September 2019 until Friday 24 January 2020.


The theme of our 2020 competition is 'Today's actions shape tomorrow's world'. Students can interpret this theme in any way they wish, but it must be reflected in each poem. 


There are three age categories (based on the age of the student as of 30 September 2019):

  • Category A: 10 years and under
  • Category B: 11-14 years
  • Category C: 15-19 years

Competition Dates

The competition will run from Monday 30 September 2019 until 3pm (GMT) on Friday 24 January 2020.

Number of Entries

Each COBIS School can submit up to three entries in each age category. Many schools choose to run an internal competition first, before submitting the three top entries to this competition.

Winners and Prizes

The winners will be announced on the COBIS website by Monday 16 March 2020. The winning poems will be published on the COBIS website, and may feature at the COBIS Annual Conference in May 2020. 

A certificate and prize will be awarded to the winner and runner-up of each category.

Winner: £75 Amazon voucher     Runner-up: £25 Amazon voucher

How to Enter

This competition is run in partnership with COBIS Supporting Member, Pobble, who will be managing the entry process.

Entries must be submitted using the Pobble online platform by a teacher, on behalf of the students. It is free and simple to set up a Pobble account. If your school has an existing Pobble account, then they should use this. 

Entries should be tagged on Pobble using the following tags: 

  • “COBIS2020a” for ages 10 and under
  • "COBIS2020b” for ages 11-14
  • “COBIS2020c” for ages 15-19

Previous Competition Winners

Terms and Conditions

1. To enter the COBIS & Pobble Poetry Competition, your school must be a registered COBIS School. Schools may only submit competition entries from bona fide students of their school.

2. The competition will run from Monday 30 September 2019 until Friday 24 January 2020. Entries must be received by 3pm UK time on Friday 24 January 2020. 

3. Entries must be submitted by a teacher on behalf of students. Three entries per age category per school may be submitted and COBIS/Pobble reserve the right to refuse entry to any subsequent submissions.

4. There are three age categories for submitted entries: Category A: 10 years and under, Category B: 11-14 years and Category C: 15-19 years. The student age should be calculated as of 30 September 2019, when the competition opens. Entries will not be accepted from students outside of these age categories or for work submitted to the wrong category.

5. The theme of the COBIS & Pobble Poetry Competition 2020 is ‘Today's actions shape tomorrow's world’. COBIS reserves the right to exclude any entries which do not adhere to this theme.

6. Competition entries will be licensed to COBIS on a non-exclusive, royalty-free, irrevocable, perpetual, transferable, worldwide basis for a number of purposes, including case studies, publications, exhibitions, website content, social media and other promotional purposes. By entering the competition, the teacher confirms that the necessary permissions have been sought from students and/or their parents for COBIS and other associated parties to publish the student name, art work, school name and logo for such purposes.

7. Entries should be uploaded to the Pobble website ( and tagged with “COBIS2020a” for ages 10 and under, “COBIS2020b” for ages 11-14 and “COBIS2020c” for ages 15-19.87. All entries must be accompanied by a parental permission slip which must be submitted to Pobble at the same time as the entries.

8. All entries will be published in your own school space on the Pobble website. This can be found by searching on the Pobble website for your school name. All children whose entries are posted on the Pobble website will receive a pupil passcode, accessed through the school dashboard viewable by any registered teacher from a participating school, so that they can view their entry online as well as leave and receive feedback on work from pupils in other schools. By submitting entries, you confirm that you agree to Pobble’s terms of use. Pobble will offer full and unrestricted access to all participating schools for the duration of the competition. This competition will be operated by Pobble Education Ltd, 42- 43 Gloucester Crescent, Camden Town, London NW1 7PE, UK.

9. By entering the competition the winners and runners-up agree to COBIS publishing their full name, school and poem on the COBIS website and social media. This information may also be published and promoted at the COBIS Annual Conference in May 2020 and in other COBIS-related publications. Winners should participate in such reasonable promotional activity and material as Pobble and COBIS may require.

10. The judges' decision regarding the winners of the COBIS & Pobble Poetry Competition will be final.

11. Any foul play, cheating, plagiarism or attempted manipulation of the results will result in a permanent exclusion of the offending school from this competition. The judgement of COBIS on this point will be final.

Competition Sponsor

COBIS would like to thank our Supporting Member, Collins, for sponsoring the COBIS Poetry Competition 2020. 

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