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The COBIS Student Leadership Weekend is an annual event which provides leadership training and life skills for senior pupils from years 10-13. This year’s event was hosted by King’s Group and took place at King’s College, The British School of Madrid from 15-17 November 2019. This year’s group was the largest ever, with 67 students from 17 schools in 11 countries attending the weekend in Madrid

Through interactive activities with trainers and motivational speakers, the students were presented with opportunities to develop self-awareness, interpersonal skills and life competencies. This year, an organising committee of 10 students from King’s College , Soto de Viñuelas, were actively involved at all stages from the initial programme design and planning stages through to delivery, acting as core presenters and facilitators during the weekend. This year's programme included sessions on Leadership, Presentation and Public Speaking Skills, Team Building, Wellbeing and Mental Health. 

Challenge: Think Global, Act Local

Throughout the weekend the student organisers set a challenge for all the student leaders in which they had to work in teams to come up with an idea that could be implemented in their schools, focusing on the slogan ‘Think Global, Act Local’. Congratulations to the Blue team for winning the challenge! Each team's final presentation can be viewed by clicking on their team name below:

Overall the feedback from the weekend was extremely positive:

"I'm confident that I've enhanced my leadership skills"

"It helped me understand and recognize the needs of others and made me realize that not everyone does something the same way as you"

"It allowed me to improve my team work abilities, allowed me to meet new people and find new friends and also acted as a form of stress relief, in regards to school life back home, as this was very fun and engaging."

"Overall, I consider this weekend was a success, I find it very nice that it was students that organized the event, rather than teachers. All activities were useful and engaging, it never felt as if time was wasted. All in all, for me, there were no drawbacks to this event, I enjoyed every moment and I am looking forward to attend next year's event as well."

We would like to thank the team at King's Group for their hard work and excellent organisation of another Student Leadership Weekend.