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The Student Achievement Awards give COBIS schools the opportunity to recognise their students’ outstanding achievements. Each school could nominate up to three students to receive one of these admirable awards.

The 2020 Awards

Congratulations to all students who received a Student Achievement Award in 2020. 

This year, more than 180 students from nearly 70 COBIS schools were given this accolade.

Click here to see the list of students who received a Student Achievement Award with confirmed consent for publication.   

Reasons for nomination

The award recognises outstanding individual achievements or contributions to an aspect of school or community life. Students in KS2-5 could be nominated for a number of reasons, including:

  • Exceptional academic achievement
  • Outstanding effort
  • Commitment to a charitable cause/environmental sustainability
  • Significant contribution to the wider life of the school
  • A remarkable demonstration of compassion or kindness

Schools could also choose to nominate a student for another reason, in the context of local circumstances, not described above.

What did the nominated students receive?

This year, students received a digital certificate in recognition of their achievements. In keeping with our focus on sustainability, rather than producing awards for students, we made a charitable donation to Cool Earth on behalf of the nominated students. Cool Earth is a charity that works with local people to halt deforestation and climate change.