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The 2018 COBIS Medical Review Conference was hosted by Doha College on Saturday 24 February 2018.

Students from eight schools across Qatar impressed a team of independent medical experts with their detailed research during the fifth Medical Review School Conference hosted by Doha College.

Students researched topics from five areas of medicine: epidemiology of infectious diseases; pharmacological developments; radiological, pathological and diagnostic updates; feto-maternal medicine; hereditary and metabolic diseases; and cancer.

The coveted first place was awarded to students who presented on the topic of Wilson's disease. The team wanted to highlight that a lack of subsidiary 'workers' in the human body can be just as impactful to the system as principal 'workers'. This was presented by Harun Gunes, Natália Wazny and Tiago Huber from Doha College.

The independent judges who presided over the final of the conference were impressed by the presentations and found awarding places to be challenging due to the high calibre of work presented. Congratulations to all students who took part, particulary those who came first, second or third: 

  • 1st prize: Harun Gunes, Natália Wazny and Tiago Huber; School: Doha College;Topic: Wilson’s Disease
  • 2nd Prize: Qurratu Aini Binti Hashim and Arij Ahmed; School: Doha College; Topic: Organs on Chips
  • 3rd Prize (joint): Jewel Dsouza; School: Doha British School; Topic: Black Death and Saif Aly Kabani, Hiba Shah and Rickina Sharma; School: Doha College; Topic: Red Dot Test