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COBIS students were invited to produce a short film showcasing a project they had carried out to improve the environmental sustainability of their school.

Through this competition, we hoped to develop COBIS students’ environmental awareness and empower them to take action. Congratulations to all students who took part. The competition judges, NAEE, were extremely impressed with the work being carried out in our member schools around the world.

Competition winners

Congratulations to our 2021 competition winners and runners-up! Click on the links below to watch the winning films.

Key Stage 1-2


GEMS Wellington International School
No single-use plastic in my lunchbox

Judges' comments: "This was a well put-together video addressing the issue of single-use plastics.  We particularly liked how the film gave thought to the existing generation and those yet to come.  The video was well suited to the students’ ages (Year 2) and the issue was something that these young children could get behind and feel they were able to make a difference.  The communication was clear and simple, with good use of backdrops to share the message.  The music and images were emotive from the beginning and so grabbed the viewer’s attention immediately."


The British School in The Netherlands
Green Waste at JSV

Judges' comments: "This was an informative video about an inclusive project; it was great to involve every class and see how the children actively participated in the solution with green waste at the school.  It was also very good to see the steps in the simple cycle of using food waste to make compost, to make food for plants which we can then eat. The focus on what to do about waste and being able to make a "small difference" where you can, was very appropriate.  And the final "no time to waste" message was a nice touch.

Aloha College
ACM Water Saving Warriors

Judges' comments: "These Year 1 pupils showed fantastic enthusiasm as Water Saving Warriors; they seemed to be having fun as well as working on a significant issue.  It was a well-made video that explained the issue clearly with a good mix of facts and information throughout.  The pupils showed a variety of ways to be “more conscious about the water we use’.  This included a student-designed hydroponics system – a brilliant and novel idea for growing at school.  Again, this showed what the youngest children can do to address environmental issues and make a difference."

Key Stage 3-5


Panyathip International School
The Evergreen Garden

Judges' comments: "This was a witty, inventive and well put together video which told the story of the students’ journey towards creating a green open space incorporating a school garden.  It focused on important environmental issues, including the educational benefits of active first-hand outdoor learning, and promoted the imperative of having positive human relationships with the rest of the natural world.  Many students were involved in this sustainability-focused action and they worked together well at promoting sustainability ideals and human well-being."


Avenor College
Making Avenor Green

Judges' comments: "This clear video began with the effective use of statistics to document the areas of Romanian society where sustainability needs to be improved.  This context provided a vivid backdrop to the improvements they planned in their own school and in the city of Bucharest.  They had a sound rationale for the development of their ideas to lead to sustainable solutions.  A significant number of students were involved, working with people from beyond the school including NGOs and students’ families.  It was good to see clear outcomes with more to come."

The English International College
Plastic Pollution

Judges' comments: "This well-crafted video began by telling the story of student participation in a community project leading to positive change that benefitted local people and the natural environment.  They worked with an NGO and local community groups, and many students were involved.  The video went on to illustrate how, following a campaign by the eco-group, the school addressed one of the environmental issues that the community project focused on: single-use plastics.  This illustrated effective sustainability action within the school, and positive outcomes."


A certificate and prize has been awarded to the winner and runners-up of each category: 

  • Winner:  £150 Amazon voucher 
  • Runners-up:  £75 Amazon voucher 


We would like to thank our competition partner, National Association for Environmental Education (NAEE), for judging the entries. Click here to read NAEE's report about the competition, including commentary on the winning entries.


We would like to thank Alps for sponsoring our 2021 Eco Film Awards. 

The Alps mission is to give every student every chance, helping all students to aim higher. This is achieved by providing data analysis tools that empower teachers to keep students at the heart of performance data across KS4 and KS5. Trusted by over 1,400 schools and colleges across the globe, the Alps online platform, Connect Interactive, enables powerful analysis, creating a common language to look at student and subject performance.

This competition is run in association with the the UK National Association for Environmental Education (NAEE).

NAEE – the UK National Association for Environmental Education –  is an independent charity that supports and promotes teaching and learning in schools about the environment and sustainability. It was formed in the 1960s and publishes its journal for members, Environmental Education, three times a year. NAEE believes that young people have a right to first-hand educational experiences in their local environment as these are critical in helping them to understand the importance of the biosphere to all life on Earth, and is committed to campaigning for a strong focus on environmental and sustainability issues across the school curriculum.

The Association’s website contains a weekly update, blogs, feature articles, book reviews and curriculum-focused reports.

Details of how to join NAEE are available at