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We were delighted to bring the Arctic Race4Good to COBIS Schools, an opportunity for students in Years 10-13 to help indigenous people adapt to the changing climate in the Arctic.

Congratulations to North London Collegiate School, Jeju for winning this year's COBIS Arctic Race4Good!

The RaceThe COBIS Arctic Race4Good focused on a community in Qaanaaq, Greenland. Over the course of five weeks, students had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the customs and culture of the second most northerly town in the world. Using the Community Briefing documents and through live Zoom calls with locals, students learned a completely new way of life. Armed with this knowledge, they were then faced with a number of challenges where they could earn points on the leaderboard for their school:

View the Race Timetable

Round One Main Challenge: 

  • With a budget of $500 USD, come up with an innovative income-generating idea to benefit the community.

Mid-race challenges:

  • Education: With a budget of USD $250 how will you enhance the day-to-day educational experience for students?
  • Health: With a budget of $250 USD, how will you enhance the emotional and/or physical health of the community?

Each team had to submit a short video detailing their solution to the challenge, highlighting how the solution is sustainable, the impact on the community, and the use of the budget. The winning solution is implemented within days.

The Final

Well done to British International School Istanbul, British School of Bahrain, and NLCS Jeju for making it to the last round!

Mid-race challenge

  • Inspirational Leadership: produce a student team video which captures your individual and team’s Race4Good journey to date and has the power to inspire others to Be The Change. How will you convey the impact the race has had on you and your team?

The final challenge

  • With a budget of USD $500, create of enhance a recurring local celebration for the whole community

View the Final Challenge Info Pack

View NLCS Jeju's winning business plan here and their budget here.

Real problems. Real people. Real impact. 


Click here to find out more about last year's COBIS Race4Good, which focused on uplifting a remote community in Haiti.

More information about the Race4Good

Supported by international business mentors, student teams will compete against other schools for the chance to leave an incredible legacy in the form of economic uplift in a remote community in Nepal.

Through a fast-paced, online race format, teams will be given a specific number of days or weeks to research critical real-life issues and develop business plans to uplift families and the community. As teams progress, they will start to tackle more complex issues, including healthcare, infrastructure, design, education, and water harvesting.

This is not a paper exercise – winning solutions will be implemented within days, restoring independence, self-esteem, and dignity to the community they are working with. Students will achieve all this by sharing their innovation, intelligence, empathy, compassion, time, and talent.

Watch this video for an introduction on the Race4Good.