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Together with CENTURY Tech, we invited COBIS schools to take part in a brand new Maths Competition!

This year's Maths All Stars Cup ran from 6-16 March 2023. During this time, students completed maths questions on the CENTURY Tech platform to score points towards their school's total on the international leaderboard. 

Every topic on CENTURY is broken down into micro-lessons that contain a video, a slideshow and a range of formative assessment questions, allowing students to test their knowledge while they are learning. As students complete micro-lessons, they encounter a range of question types and receive personalised feedback to help them progress.

The results

We were delighted to see nearly 27,000 students from 157 schools take part. 

The schools were divided into categories based on their size (large or small) and stage (primary or secondary). with winners in each category determined on the average number of questions answered correctly by students.

Thank you to all schools, teachers and students who took part, and a huge congratulations to our top 5 schools on the leaderboard, especially the category winners:

  • Corona School Victoria Island (small primary)
  • ABQ Sohar International School (large primary)
  • Khalil Gibran School (small all-through or secondary)
  • Day Waterman College (large all through or secondary)