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COBIS GSL Leadership Weekend

Together with Future Foundations, we invited students aged 11-18 to attend a virtual leadership weekend from 10-12 November.

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The leadership weekend included two strands:

  • COBIS GSL World Catalyst – For students who are starting their journey as a social leader.
  • COBIS GSL Accelerator – For graduates of previous Catalyst programmes who are looking to further develop their social action skills.

"I will always remember the feeling of being part of the bigger picture aimed at change; the GSL Catalyst is a magical, unique experience full of motivation and life lessons". Cecilia, COBIS Catalyst graduate

The courses ran simultaneously, and provided students with the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, future world of work skills and learn about the United Nations Global Goals. The courses also provided students with effective strategies to manage their wellbeing. 

Participants were invited to take on an independent challenge, which was a great opportunity to implement their project and ideas. This 30 day or 60 day period (depending on whether they took part in the Catalyst or Accelerator course) was an opportunity for participants take positive action and support an organisation or cause that they are passionate about. You can view a selection of previous participants' independent challenges here.

Students will celebrate their achievements together at a virtual joint graduation ceremony in January 2024.

Examples of independent challenges

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