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Poetry Competition

We invited students to write a poem based on this year's competition theme, 'A Future to Be Proud Of'.

Our Poetry Competition is a brilliant opportunity for young writers to compete internationally and showcase their talent. This year's competition theme is 'A Future to Be Proud Of'. The competition was open to all COBIS schools, including Applicant schools.

We received 226 entries from 135 schools worldwide. Well done to all students who entered and congratulations to our competition winners!  

Winners and Runners-up

The winners and runners-up are listed below, along with the judges' comments. To read each poem, please click on the student's name.

Key Stage 1-2
Winner: Kara Goddard, aged 10, British International School of Ljubljana
"I thoroughly enjoyed the creativity and imagination displayed in this piece. It exudes a playful charm yet maintains cohesion through the recurring theme of 'my future is.' The incorporation of complex ideas into a digestible and enjoyable format is commendable, offering a sincere exploration of the potential that the future holds for each of us."

Runner-up: Malika Elwany, aged 7, GEMS Jumeirah Primary School
"I felt the simplicity of this piece was its strength. It presents a list of demands for a future to be proud of, and it works remarkably well. With just 2 words per line, it successfully made me think about a future that we could all take pride in being a part of.”

Key Stage 3
Winner: Alba Zorzano, aged 14, British School of St Petersburg
"I felt this poem masterfully encapsulated a significant idea in only five four-line stanzas—an impressive feat. The concept, serving as a call to action for a brighter tomorrow, is delivered with spirit and conviction. I also felt the poets use of rhyme and rhythm was well delivered resulting in a well rounded enjoyable poem."

Runner-up: Niranjenna Linganathan, aged 13, Marlborough College Malaysia
"Elegantly written with rich vocabulary and metaphorical depth, this piece effectively communicates a strong idea. The use of language is skilful, making the poem a delightful read."

Key Stage 4-5
Winner: Vera Lukash, aged 14, The English International College, Marbella
"Impressed by the rhythm and pace, this poem skilfully utilises the carriage of life metaphor to convey a profound message. The idea of picking up and leaving things behind while continuing towards unknown roads is beautifully expressed through captivating language. I found it to be a well-crafted piece that vividly illustrated the journey of life we all undertake, encompassing both its moments of growth and its challenges."

Runner-up: Jaden Mascarenhas, aged 18, Deira International School
"This is such a powerful poem and a real beacon of hope to those who have felt or are feeling that kind of internal pain and struggle., I loved how it fearlessly explores its narrative. The honesty and openness showcased in this poem makes it deeply resonant and impactful, which coupled with its strong use of vocabulary weights this poem perfectly."

The winning poems may feature at our Annual Conference in May 2024.

A certificate and prize has been awarded to the winner and runner-up of each category.

Winner: £75 Amazon voucher     
Runner-up: £25 Amazon voucher

Judging Criteria

The competition judges scored the entries according to the following criteria:

  • Interpretation and clarity of the theme, 'A Future to Be Proud Of', to the reader.
  • Creativity/style and originality.
  • Structure and form.
  • Language and imagery.
  • Overall impression of the poem.

The highest scored entries in each category were then submitted to our guest judge, Daniel Thompson, for the final selection.


The competition entries were be judged by a panel of teachers and literature professionals. If you are interested in judging next year's competition, please contact


Daniel Thompson is a poet, storyteller, film maker and musician from Birmingham, England. His recent collections of poems ‘Big Thoughts For Little Thinkers’ and 'Being You: Poems of Positivity’, supporting children’s emotional wellbeing, have been Amazon best sellers in various categories. Daniel is passionate about encouraging children to explore the philosophical principles behind self-belief and inner positivity.  

Terms and Conditions

Please click here to view the Poetry Competition Terms and Conditions.

2023 Winners

Click here to read the winning poems from last year's competition, 'Who Am I?'.

We would like to thank Collins for sponsoring this year's Poetry Competition. 

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