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Future Skills Online Courses

We are collaborating with EtonX to offer your students discounted access to their Future Skills courses and their online Summer School, ideal for students with ambitions of getting into the world's top universities.

Use code COBIS15 for a 15% discount!

EtonX’s online courses are designed to ensure that young people thrive in today’s fast-changing world by bridging the gap between academic success and life in the real world. They help students to develop vital skills to prepare them for the future, both at university and the workplace.  Their courses cover a wide range of topics, from resilience and critical thinking to university interview skills and writing a personal statement.

EtonX's courses are suitable for ages 14-20. They are all online and delivered in English. A custom-built virtual classroom enables students to learn and practise soft skills in a secure environment where they can easily engage and collaborate with tutors and other learners. 

Each course is available to take in at least two of the learning paths below:

Summer School

This summer, EtonX will be offering more courses than ever before during their online Summer School. Summer School courses will last either 1 or 2 weeks, and give students the chance to benefit from Eton College's experience in getting students into top universities.

They will be running 6 Future Skills and 5 University Preparation courses.

  • The Future Skills courses take place over 2 weeks with a mixture of live classes and independent study. They will help students develop skills such as Resilience or Creative Problem Solving which will be essential to future success in university and in the workplace.
  • Their brand-new University Preparation courses will take place over 1 week. Covering topics such as Applying for University, Personal Statement Writing, Preparing for the TSA or BMAT and University Interview Skills, they are perfect for students ready to start their university application.

Courses will be starting every Monday from 21 June to 16 August.

Download the brochure

How to register

Registration is available via the EtonX website

Remember to use the code COBIS15 for a 15% discount on the regular fee.

If you have any questions about registering for an online course, please contact

"As an International School leader I would encourage all Schools to place an emphasis on the future skills required for our young people and to look into how the EtonX programme could be blended into your schools weekly curriculum, the students and staff will definitely benefit from the online experiences." MAHSA International School, Malaysia