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Eco Film Awards

Together with NAEE, we invited students to produce a short film showcasing a project they have carried out to improve the environmental sustainability of their school.

Through this competition, we hoped to develop COBIS students’ environmental awareness and empower them to take action. Congratulations to all students who took part. The competition judges, NAEE, commented on the particularly high standard of entries.

Read the full report from NAEE

Winning Films

Key Stage 1-2 Winner
The British School in The Netherlands
Pond Redevelopment Project

Judges' comments: This was a very clearly told account of the role that school students played in the redevelopment of a neglected school pond thereby improving school biodiversity and sustainability.  It was good to see how plans were realised and came to a successful conclusion.  The film quality was high with a mix of still before / after photographs and video of the students explaining what they were doing.

Key Stage 3-5 Winner
Braeburn Imani International School (Kenya)
Talking Trees

Judges' comments: This was a very well produced film of an environmental education project in the school.  Being blessed with beautiful trees on their campus, the students used information and design technology to enable students, staff and visitors to learn more about these, and the benefits they bring.  The innovative creation and subsequent use of Quick Response – QR – codes was a distinctive feature of this initiative.


Key Stage 1-2 Runner-up
Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi
Sustainable Stationery

Judges' comments: This informative film used a Dragon’s Den format to address the unsustainable use of whiteboard pens; students were encouraged to come up with answers to the problem which the Dragons then commented on.  This novel approach led to design technology solutions being adopted within the school for the whiteboard pens, although the question of where the ink was to come from was not addressed.

Key Stage 1-2 Runner-up
Meadow Hall School (Nigeria)
Paperless Homework

Judges' comments: This well-produced and visually-attractive film told the story of a student representative council initiative to reduce paper use in the school.  Drawing on experiences during the pandemic, an IT approach was taken to issuing and completing homework.  The device of students sitting in executive chairs to deliver clear messages added authority.

Key Stage 3-5 Runner-up
Marlborough College Malaysia
Food for Life, Life for Food

Judges' comments: This was a carefully structured and informative film about a well-thought-through project that involved a lot of young people.  It addressed a real problem in the school which was made vivid with both statistics and images.  It was good clearly to see the steps in the food waste to compost to food cycle, and splendid that the school’s design technology department had a key role in making it more efficient.  The message: A second life for food summed this up brilliantly.

Key Stage 3-5 Runner-up
Meadow Hall College (Nigeria)

Judges' comments: This well-crafted film told the story of how student dissatisfaction with excessive waste in the school was addressed.  This illustrated effective sustainability-focused planning within the school, with student collaboration and action, and the involvement of community businesses, leading to positive outcomes.  The students asked important questions of the institution and of themselves during this.

Winners and Prizes

A certificate and prize has been awarded to the winner and two runners-up of each category. 

Winner: £150 Amazon voucher
Runners-up: £75 Amazon voucher


We would like to thank our competition partner, National Association for Environmental Education (NAEE), for judging the entries. Click here to read NAEE's report about the competition, including commentary on the winning entries.

Read the NAEE report on this year's entries

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

We would like to thank DK for sponsoring this year's Eco Film Awards.

DK believes in the power of discovery. That’s why we create books for everyone that explore ideas and nurture curiosity about the world we live in. Our books cover a huge variety of topics to stimulate a child’s mind, and that’s why teachers, parents and caregivers across the world look to us to support children’s learning.

This competition is run in association with the the UK National Association for Environmental Education (NAEE).

NAEE – the UK National Association for Environmental Education –  is an independent charity that supports and promotes teaching and learning in schools about the environment and sustainability. It was formed in the 1960s and publishes its journal for members, Environmental Education, three times a year. NAEE believes that young people have a right to first-hand educational experiences in their local environment as these are critical in helping them to understand the importance of the biosphere to all life on Earth, and is committed to campaigning for a strong focus on environmental and sustainability issues across the school curriculum.

The Association’s website contains a weekly update, blogs, feature articles, book reviews and curriculum-focused reports.

Details of how to join NAEE are available at

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