Based on the principles of the COBIS Programme for Middle Leaders, British School Muscat is developing a Student Leadership programme which will see students undertake a leadership role in school which focuses on a specific and real area of school improvement, but most importantly which supports them to learn about leadership in the process. Through this programme we aim to give students real and meaningful responsibility in order to have a genuine impact on school life, as well as develop valuable skills for the 21st Century.

Programme Structure

The COBIS Programme for Student Leaders (CPSL) has three stages, which helps participants focus on learning about leading, developing their own leadership and leading others. All participants will be expected to participate in a ‘Project Challenge’. This is a project they work on in groups throughout the year as defined by themselves or by the school.

Participants will do this by

• Undertaking a Project Challenge within their school.

• Reading and reflecting on key think pieces.

• Engaging in discussion and activities at 5 face to face days.

• Keeping an online blog of their leadership and project development.

• Applying their learning to their projects in school.

• Facilitating and passing on their projects to a new cohort of student.

Student Benefits

By participating in the programme students will develop their leadership competencies. This will enable participants to:

•Develop a deep understanding of leadership and its application.

•Lead key changes in the development of the school.

•Engage in a deep version of Student Impact, with definite and meaningful outcomes.

•Develop the competencies required for future success in learning and life.


By taking part in the CPSL, participants will be able to make a contribution to the development of the school and the school community as follows:

•Deeper and more meaningful student leadership and engagement.

•Genuine ‘student voice’ with students working on real project that have impact and a legacy.

•Developing a range of skills in students that will help their learning.

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