2019 Young Scientist Film Awards

The Young Scientist Film Awards is the annual COBIS science competition in partnership with National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in London. It is open to COBIS Member Schools and Non-Member Schools for students in KS1-KS5. For this competition, students are asked to make an exciting film celebrating the diversity and excitement of science.   

Well done and thank you to all schools and students who took part in the 2019 COBIS Young Scientist Film Awards. We received 82 films from 33 schools. 

To watch individual films, please visit our Youtube channel here

Young Scientist Film Awards 2019 - Highlights Showreel



Congratulations to our 2019 competition winners and runners-up:

Key Stage 1&2

Place School Entry
1st Nord Anglia International School Hong Kong  Water Surface Tension Experiments
2nd  The English School Kuwait  Can You See Sound?
3rd Britannica International School, Shanghai Cleaner Air


Key Stage 3

Place School Entry
1st Dubai College  How Does the Amount of Salt Affect How Quickly an Egg Sinks?
2nd  Day Waterman College Simple Distillation
3rd Prince of Wales Island International School Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide


Key Stage 4&5

Place School Entry
1st Day Waterman College Electroplating
2nd  The British School of Amsterdam Ferro-Fluid
3rd British School of Milan DNA Extraction


Special Awards

Award School Entry
Best Film of an Experiment The ABC International School Nylon Synthesis
Best Engineering Film Corona Secondary School, Agbara High Frequency Oscillator


  • Each Key Stage winning group (1st place) receives £200 in amazon vouchers.
  • The ‘Best Film of an Experiment’ award winning group receives £150 in amazon vouchers.
  • The ‘Best Engineering’ award winning group receives £150 in amazon vouchers.

Winning Videos

Key Stage 1&2

Nord Anglia International School Hong Kong: “Water Surface Tension Experiments”


Key Stage 3

Dubai College: “How Does the Amount of Salt Affect How Quickly and Egg Sinks”


Key Stage 4&5

Day Waterman College: “Electroplating”


Special Award - Best Film of an Experiment

The ABC International School: “Nylon Synthesis”


Special Award - Best Engineering Film

Corona Secondary School, Agbara: “High Frequency Oscillator”

COBIS would like to thank Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for sponsoring the Young Scientist Films Awards 2019.

“HMH® is committed to honouring the process of learning, championing new ideas, and emboldening the thinkers and doers of tomorrow. For more than 185 years, we have inspired all learners to activate curiosity, elevate potential, and find their moments of brilliance and breakthrough. These are the learning moments that define us – all of us. With our magnitude of influence comes great social responsibility – to nurture, develop, and grow purposeful, empathetic, and determined global citizens. Together, we’re all shaping the future, and as the world continues to evolve, so will we.”