COBIS Poetry Competition 2019


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The COBIS Poetry Competition 2019 has now closed. Thank you to all COBIS Member Schools who entered the competition. The results of the competition will be announced shortly. 

Winners and Prizes

The winners will be announced on the COBIS website by 22 March 2019. Please return to this webpage after this date to see the winning poems.

A certificate and prize will be awarded to the winner and runner-up of each category.

Winner: £75 amazon voucher     Runner up: £25 amazon voucher





About the 2019 Competition

This year's theme was "The Last Page". 

Each COBIS school could submit up to three entries in each age of the categories below: 

  • Category A: 10 yrs and under
  • Category B: 11-14 yrs
  • Category C: 15-19 yrs

The competition deadline was 8 February 2019. The 2019 competition has now closed. 

Competition Terms and Conditions

1. To enter the COBIS Poetry Competition, in association with Pobble, your school must be a registered COBIS school. 

2. The COBIS Poetry Competition will run from 3 September 2018 until 8 February 2019. Last entries must be received by 3pm UK time on 8 February 2019.

3. Only bona fide COBIS schools and the students of those schools are eligible to compete in the COBIS Poetry Competition. Home schools or non-school organisations are not eligible. Entries must be submitted by the teacher on behalf of the student.

4. There are three age categories for submitted entries. The age should be calculated as of 3 September 2018 when the COBIS Poetry Competition opens:

  • Category A: 10 yrs and under
  • Category B: 11-14 yrs
  • Category C: 15-19 yrs

Please ensure entries are submitted for the correct age category. Entries will not be accepted from students outside of these age categories or for work submitted to the wrong category. Three entries per age category per school may be submitted and COBIS reserves the right to refuse entry to any subsequent submissions.

5. The theme of the COBIS Poetry Competition is ‘The Last Page’. COBIS reserves the right to exclude any entries which do not adhere to this theme.

6. Any foul play, cheating, plagiarism or attempted manipulation of the results will result in a permanent exclusion of the offending school from COBIS Poetry Competition. The judgement of COBIS on this point will be final.

7. Entries from schools with a Pobble account should be uploaded to the Pobble website ( as normal and tagged with “COBIS2019a” for age 10 and under, “COBIS2019b” for age 11-14 and “COBIS2019c” for age 15-19.

8. Entries from schools without a Pobble account should be emailed in jpeg format (photographs of handwritten work or typed up writing), alongside a signed permission slip to The email subject line should include the school name, country and the age category of the entry. Within the email, please also include the full name and date of birth of the pupil so Pobble can set up an account for the pupil (only write the first name of the pupil on the entry itself). Pobble will share these entries on the Pobble website on behalf of your school.

9. All entries will be published in your own school space on the Pobble website. You can find your school space by searching on the Pobble website for your school name. All children whose entries are posted on the Pobble website will receive a pupil passcode, accessed through the school dashboard viewable by any registered teacher from a participating school, so that they can view their entry online as well as leave and receive feedback on work from pupils in other schools. By submitting entries to this competition, your school is giving permission for a Pobble account to be set up on behalf of the school, and for the teacher submitting the entries to be added to the platform. By submitting via email, you confirm that you agree to Pobble’s terms of use.

10. All entries must be accompanied by a parental permission slip which must be submitted to Pobble at the same time as the entries.

11. The judges' decision regarding the winners of the COBIS Poetry Competition will be final.

12. The winning schools will be announced by 22 March 2019. The winners will be notified by email.

13. The full name, school and poems of winners will be published on the COBIS website.

14. By entering the competition the winner agrees to participate in such reasonable promotional activity and material as Pobble and COBIS may require.

15. This competition will be operated by Pobble Education Ltd, 42- 43 Gloucester Crescent, Camden Town, London NW1 7PE, UK.

16. Pobble will offer full and unrestricted access to all participating schools for the duration of the competition.


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