2019 Student Achievement Awards

Congratulations to all COBIS students who received a COBIS Student Achievement Award in 2019. Each year, COBIS Schools may nominate up to three students to receive one of these admirable awards.

This year, 209 COBIS students from 83 COBIS Schools were given this accolade.

The list in the link below shows all the students who won a COBIS Student Achievement Award 2019 with confirmed consent for publication.   

COBIS Student Achievement Awards 2019 Winners List

These students have been presented with a COBIS Student Achievement Award for the following reasons:

•       Outstanding academic achievement

•       Sustained, high level contributions to the wider life of the school

•       Significant contributions to the school’s/community’s charity activities

•       An act of bravery in the school/community

About the Student Achievement Awards

The COBIS Student Achievement Awards give COBIS Schools the opportunity to recognise students' outstanding achievements on a global scale. Each year, COBIS Schools may nominate up to three students in Key Stage 2-5 to receive an award. 

The award recognises outstanding individual achievements or contributions to an aspect of school or community life.

How do students receive their award?

A staff member from your school should collect the awards from a COBIS member of staff at our Annual Conference, 11-13 May 2019. If no one from your school is due to attend, an electronic copy of the certificate will be sent to the staff member that submitted the nomination in May 2019.

Previous Student Achievement Awards

If you have any questions regarding the COBIS Student Achievement Awards, please email students@cobis.org.uk

Terms and conditions

  1. Only COBIS Member Schools can nominate students for a Student Achievement Award. 
  2. Each year COBIS Schools may nominate up to three students to receive a Student Achievement Award.
  3. Nominations must be submitted online via the website form by a member of staff. 
  4. Any nominations received after the deadline of 12pm (GMT) on Wednesday 10 April 2019 will not be accepted. 
  5. All nominations must include a reason for the nomination. 
  6. Nominated students must be in Key Stage 2, 3, 4 or 5.
  7. In order to administer the Student Achievement Awards, COBIS will be collecting information via an online form created in COBIS’ website (Finalsite). COBIS will collect student names and citations for nominations. Before submitting the nomination, the staff member must ensure that they have obtained the correct consent from pupils/guardians when providing this information to COBIS. COBIS may ask for evidence of this consent. COBIS will also collect the nomination coordinator's name and email address as well as the head of school's name. Student names, coordinator names and school contact details will be retained by COBIS for record keeping purposes. Student names alongside the citations for their nominations and their school names will be displayed on the COBIS website, unless a request is made otherwise to not publish this information; there is an option for this on the online form. To view the COBIS Privacy Policy, please visit www.cobis.org.uk/privacy-policy.


COBIS would like to thank CPOMS for sponsoring the Student Achievement Awards in 2019.

CPOMS is a system for monitoring child protection, safeguarding, SEND and a range of pastoral and welfare issues. Staff are given appropriate levels of access to match their level of involvement with the relevant concerns. Using CPOMS, schools can ensure that students are safe and fully supported, whilst safeguarding leads and school staff can focus on teaching and providing support, instead of administration.