COBIS Art Competition 2019

"Introduce Yourself"


This year’s Art competition theme is a challenge for students to “Introduce Yourself”. Through a piece of art, students should convey who they are; this could be a self-portrait or a reflection on the things, feelings, surroundings etc. that make all COBIS students so wonderfully unique.


There are five categories students can enter. 

Early Years and Foundation Stage

Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2

Key Stage 3

Group Entries

How to Enter

Schools must enter on behalf of students, and may enter up to three submissions for each category.

Entries should be uploaded to the COBIS website using the button below. 

The closing date for this competition is Friday 1 March 2019. 



Winners and Prizes

A certificate and prize will be awarded to the winner and runner-up of each category.

Winner: £50 amazon voucher 

Runner up: £25 amazon voucher

The winners will be announced in April 2019. The winning pieces of art will be published on the COBIS website.

Previous Competitions

Terms and Conditions

1. To enter the COBIS Art Competition your school must be a registered COBIS school. 

2. The COBIS Art Competition will run from 3 September 2018 until 1 March 2019. Last entries must be received by 3pm UK time on 1 March 2019.

3. Entries must be submitted by the teacher on behalf of the student.

4. There are five categories for submitted entries:

Category A: Early Years and Foundation Stage

Category B: Key Stage 1

Category C: Key Stage 2

Category D: Key Stage 3

Category E: Group Entries

Please ensure entries are submitted for the correct category. Entries will not be accepted from students outside of these categories or for work submitted to the wrong category.

5. Three entries per category per school may be submitted. COBIS will accept the first three entries from a school in each category, and reserves the right to exclude subsequent submissions from the judging process.

6. The theme of the COBIS Art Competition is ‘Introduce Yourself’. COBIS reserves the right to exclude any entries which do not adhere to this theme.

7. Entries must be the students own work.

8. Any foul play, cheating, plagiarism or attempted manipulation of the results will result in a permanent exclusion of the offending school from the COBIS Art Competition. The judgement of COBIS on this point will be final.

9. Entries should be uploaded to the COBIS website ( Before uploading entries, please ensure files are named using this format: Student Name_School Name.

10. The judges' decision regarding the winners of the COBIS Art Competition will be final.

11. The winning schools will be announced in April 2019. The winners will be notified by email.

12. The full name, school name and art work of winners will be published on the COBIS website. By entering the competition, the teacher confirms that the necessary permissions have been sought from students and/or their parents.

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