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COBIS exists to serve, support and represent member schools. As part of this mission, we have a long history of lobbying on behalf of our membership and will continue to do so when called upon.

We are in regular close contact with colleagues at the Department for Education (DfE) and the Department for International Trade (DIT). We represent international and independent schools on the DIT Education Sector Advisory Group, and we have successfully lobbied the government on issues such as induction for NQTs (Newly Qualified Teachers), quality assurance for British schools overseas, and access to National Curriculum test materials.

We continue to represent the needs of our sector in ongoing discussions with the UK Government and international ministries on current issues such as Brexit, international teacher training, safeguarding and pre-employment checks, quality assurance, and visas and mobility of teachers.

If you feel that COBIS could assist in any issue related to international British schools overseas or to your school or organisation directly, please contact CEO Colin Bell.