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Patron's Accreditation and Compliance: Set your school up for success

The Patron’s Accreditation and Compliance scheme is the primary route to COBIS membership.

School development lies at the heart of our non-judgemental approach, based on professional partnership and rigorous standards  

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A tailored approach

We recognise that every school is unique, operating in a particular context and at a different stage of development. We strive to understand each school and appreciate its special qualities and conditions. 


Globally recognised external validation

With school improvement, learning, safeguarding and well-being at the core, our programme supports schools with a British educational ethos worldwide in their development journey. As a COBIS school, you will become a member of a global-wide network of educators.  

Professional ongoing support

The process begins with honest self-evaluation and involves extensive dialogue with a COBIS-trained Lead Improvement Partner as we build up a professional relationship in advance of the visit with the aim of setting schools up for success.

Robust international standards

Gain valuable insight into your progress benchmarked against the best British and international practice, whilst working on your development priorities.


How does it work in practice?

You can choose the scheme you want to apply for – Compliance or Patron’s Accreditation – and we’re here to help you make this decision

‘I think COBIS were the first accreditation body to really show the ambition and courage to help shape an accreditation model for Chinese private schools, and that’s needed in the market’ Wellington College China. 

‘For us it’s a stage on a longer journey, it confirms you’re on the right track. But also it’s a celebration, a recognition for our hard work’ British International School of Ukraine. 

The ‘next steps’ paved the way for us to grow and thrive. We’re very impressed with the professionalism, passion and dedication with which everything was done Budapest British International Academy 

We really felt the support, and that’s what you want. From the preparation to the visit, everything was very constructive.

British International School of Timisoara

Once you’ve applied, we will schedule a visit to your school at least 6 months in advance, and allocate a Lead Improvement Partner who will guide you through the process and assist you in preparing the evidence for a successful visit. 

Within six weeks following the visit, you will receive a written report which will have been comprehensively reviewed by the COBIS Accreditation Team and the COBIS Membership and Accreditation Committee of the COBIS Board, before final ratification by the COBIS Board. The report will contain ‘Priority Next Steps,’ as well as other recommendations. These will form the agenda for annual review video meetings with the Lead Improvement Partner.

In addition, schools may be commended in areas where they have made important strides and, in some cases, may be awarded ‘Blue Circles’ for outstanding practice. Such awards are given to the school on the understanding that they will be open to sharing areas of excellent practice with other COBIS schools in our network.

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