Following successful lobbying led by COBIS and after due Parliamentary process, changes in legislation from 1 September 2012 at regulation level allow qualifying COBIS schools to deliver NQT induction.

Qualifying COBIS schools need to have successfully completed a British Schools Overseas (BSO) inspection by one of the 5 Department for Education (DfE) approved inspectorates.

COBIS welcomes this change in legislation which provides clear DfE recognition that BSO inspected COBIS schools are schools of global quality.

NQT Induction in COBIS Schools

From September 2012, Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) can complete NQT Induction in qualifying COBIS Accredited Member schools.

As a result of successful COBIS lobbying of the British Government and following due Parliamentary process changes have been made and confirmed at regulation level so that qualifying COBIS schools can access, support and deliver NQT induction.

Section 2.1 of the NQT statutory guidance for appropriate bodies, head teachers, school staff and governing bodies relate to COBIS and other qualifying British Schools overseas (BSOs).

Qualifying COBIS schools have all successfully completed a BSO inspection, introduced in 2011, by one of the Department for Education (UK) approved inspectorates. Details of DfE approved Inspectorates for BSOs are published on the DfE website.

Currently, COBIS qualifying schools can continue to offer NQT induction for a maximum of six years after the date of their last BSO inspection.

COBIS Schools Interested in Delivering NQT Induction

Qualifying COBIS schools, which have been BSO inspected, interested in delivering NQT induction will need to work directly with an Appropriate Body for NQT induction.

COBIS Supporting Member, ESP also offers a package for induction of Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) in COBIS Schools. For more information, please contact Izzy Hall NQT and Teacher Development Director on

The Independent Schools Teacher Induction Panel (IStip) has supported a number of COBIS Schools and NQTs with inductions in recent years.For further details contact Judith Fenn, IStip Executive Director.

The NQT Induction team oversees the induction programme for those schools that register their NQTs with us. The team has substantial experience in the specialised area of induction and always maintains the highest degree of professional standards.

The Tes Institute NQT Induction package is designed to complement the personalised NQT induction plan that you develop for your new teachers, giving you access to a specially designed electronic platform called NQT Manager.

List of COBIS Schools that Qualify for NQT Induction Delivery

From September 2012, Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) can complete NQT Induction in qualifying COBIS Accredited Member schools*

The above schools are all eligible to deliver NQT induction by virtue of having completed a successful BSO inspection, however not all of the above schools will be running NQT induction in any given year. COBIS advises teachers interested in undertaking NQT induction to contact the school directly, before making an application.

As the volume of COBIS schools undergoing the voluntary DfE approved inspection for BSOs increases more schools will qualify to deliver NQT induction.

Details of other non-COBIS schools which potentially qualify to deliver NQT induction and have completed a BSO inspection can be found on the DfE website. These schools will need to have a legal and contractual arrangement with the Independent Schools Teacher Induction Panel (IStip) or another approved provider of statutory NQT induction training.

*COBIS Accredited Member schools list updated April 2019