From 1 April 2017, the new COBIS School membership categories are:

All other schools that are in the application stage for pre-COBIS Compliance check, pre-COBIS Patron's Accreditation or pre-BSO inspection will be known as COBIS Applicant School

Up to April 2017, there were 3 levels of membership in the COBIS Membership Framework. These membership levels respond to the diversity of the sector and recognise the qualities each individual COBIS school contributes to our association. The COBIS Membership Framework takes account of the opportunity - as strongly expressed by our members and committee - to welcome more schools into membership while maintaining quality.

‘Accredited Members’ meet the UK government standards for British Schools Overseas (BSO) and for schools based in the UK through a successful inspection by a government approved inspectorate.

COBIS 'Members’ are schools of good quality which have either successfully completed inspection of school development and improvement with a body recognised by COBIS (currently the CIS),or have satisfied us of their suitability and committed to a BSO inspection within three years.

COBIS appreciates that a BSO inspection might not be appropriate for every school. In this case ‘Members’ who do not complete a BSO inspection within three years will at the discretion of the COBIS Board be expected to submit a selection of revised documents to retain COBIS membership. At the very least these documents will include a current child protection policy, school development plan, safer recruitment policy and articles of association for the governing body. Where CIS accreditation is held, confirmation will also be required after three years for membership renewal.

'Candidate Schools' (aspiring ‘Members’) are those whose plans to open meet our standards. They must satisfy COBIS criteria for planning a new school. This status is available for 12 months before to 24 months after opening. Thereafter an application is required to an alternative membership level.