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Leaders need to ensure that their schools’ digital tools are being optimised so that their schools make prospective families’ shortlists. With the growth of online reviews, social media, search engines and word-of-mouth-marketing, prospective families often form an opinion about your school before your team has even had a first touchpoint.

Having a beautiful homepage is not enough as prospective parents are more empowered than ever. Their expectations are impacted from other daily online experiences such as Amazon and Netflix. Gone are the days of the fancy printed brochures and directories, pdf newsletters and open days. They are all being replaced by virtual tours, online events, apps and all things digital.

This session will cover all the elements school leaders need to understand about today’s “Buyer's Journey” including: search engine optimization, paid online advertising, social media, virtual admissions and marketing platforms, integrations, and marketing automation/inbound marketing.

Max Eisl, Director of International Sales at Finalsite, will help you understand all the pieces of the puzzle and help you prioritise the most important pieces so you can craft a strategy for success.

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This webinar will look at how two international and bilingual schools in China and Dubai schools have designed and implemented strategies to incorporate nature, in all its forms, into their curriculum, learning environments and daily rhythms.

They will share their successes so far and explain what more they feel they would like to do, with inspirational examples of the teaching and learning in their schools. The session will explore how authentic and meaningful connections with nature can be planned across all areas of learning, and consider the role of co-ordinators and leadership in a strategy for learning through nature.

This webinar will be presented by Conrad Botha, Head of Early Years and Lower Primary at Huili School Hangzhou, and Lisa Davage, Assistant Head of Primary at the Arbor School, Dubai.

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With the complexities of Brexit and the pandemic, students are looking beyond the traditional destinations for their university futures. This presents challenges for schools, particularly within the traditional models of university guidance typical to British-style schools.

In this webinar, two counsellors discuss case studies of how to support your students with global university applications in ways that are sustainable and practical for your school community.

This session will be presented by David Hawkins, Founder of The University Guys, and Jim Reddy, Head of Global Universities Admissions at Uppingham School in the UK.

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