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Why Your School is Missing Out if Your Students aren’t competing in Esports

90% of teens—your students included—are already immersed in video games. Esports competitions aren't just games; they're boosting essential skills like communication and teamwork by over 75%. Ready to jump aboard the future of education and navigate a $2bn+ industry captivating 540 million global viewers? Our webinar unravels the educational magic behind Esports and guides you on launching your journey with the COBIS Esports competition. Don't leave student culture behind; your students are already there.

In this webinar, participants will:
● Discover the 'Why' of Esports: Unearth the seismic shift in education and athletics that you can't afford to ignore.
● Decode 'What is Esports': Demystify the phenomenon captivating millions and align it with your school's vision for the future.
● Shatter the Myths: Toss aside the moral panic and stereotypes surrounding video games, and explore their educational potency - backed by research.
● Esports as a Must-Have: Grasp why your school’s participation is non-negotiable for fostering inclusion, mastering 21st-century skills, and unlocking new career pathways for students.
● Realize the Esports Advantage: Understand how Esports can revolutionize student engagement, breathe new life into your athletics program, and bolster school spirit