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Understanding English Language Qualifications and Subsequent Planning of EAL Provision

Understanding an international pupil’s level of English language proficiency and whether they will be able to fully participate academically and socially impacts everyone, from the learner themselves, to their classroom peers and teachers, through pastoral, administrative and support staff. Making sure your school is in the best position to help your international users of English thrive depends on being EAL aware – right from the moment the pupil and parent engage with your marketing materials and admissions teams. This session equips you with the basic knowledge required to become an ‘EAL informed’ community.

By the end of the session participants will have:
• An understanding of the language learning journey from basic communicative competence to full academic linguistic proficiency for an EAL learner
• An understanding of the CEFR levels used to describe different levels of language proficiency, how these relate to both language exams and day to day school life
• Insight into what makes a clear admissions statement on language levels required for success in English medium instruction
• Insight into what ‘excellent EAL learner support’ requires from the whole school community

This webinar is led by Dr Helen Wood, Head of School Partnerships at Password English Language Testing.