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Transform your school's well-being in only 10 minutes a day

This session will present a quick overview of the current mental health and well-being challenges that schools are encountering as well as effective solutions to develop a whole school wellbeing initiative.

Nadim Saad CEO of The Happy Confident Company, (COBIS supporting associate) and Francis Retter, Headteacher of the The British Junior Academy of Brussels (COBIS member) will present some of the results of their ongoing collaboration and the effective solutions they have implemented to enhance children’s well-being at BJAB.

Many of these solutions can be implemented in as little as 10 minutes a day thanks to innovative programmes and these can improve not only children's well-being, but also their behaviour and potentially their academic achievement (this remains to be proven and will be monitored). And teachers and staff also benefit as a consequence.

Learner will:
• Have a better understanding of Mental Health challenges in pupils.
• Be able to implement a whole school well-being approach.
• Understand how to increase emotional literacy in pupils.
• Gain knowledge of simple yet innovative solutions to improve pupil’s behaviour.
• Learn how to teach children to self-regulate.
• Be able to equip your pupils with a toolkit of coping mechanism and strategies to help them thrive