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The importance of acquiring the building blocks when learning how to swim

Swim England recommends, where possible, that children are involved in swimming lessons until they have completed Learn to Swim Stages 1 to 7, as a minimum. By this point children will have achieved all four of the minimum standards for water competency and will have the skills needed to go on and explore the different disciplines in Aquatics.

To get to this stage of development, the acquisition of the Core Aquatic skills are the foundation of being able to swim. At each stage of the programme, all of the skills learned are crucial and directly play a part in enjoying the water and going on to reach podium potential.

During this webinar the attendees will learn how to:

• Discover the nine Core Aquatic skills when learning how to swim and how each skill complements each other.
• Encourage early development within swimming to ensure a lifelong involvement in aquatics.