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The Imagery-Language Foundation for Vocabulary Development

This presentation explores the imagery-language foundation as the basis for reading and comprehension. We highlight crucial knowledge for teachers as they endeavour to meet the literacy needs of all learners, including those with special educational needs.

Weakness in the ability to create mental images is a contributing factor in weak oral vocabulary for all students, including students with special educational needs and English Learners. Although vocabulary is a prerequisite for language comprehension and critical thinking skills, many strategies to introduce or practice vocabulary skills lack a specific methodology based on how our brain processes words and meaning.

In this webinar, we examine an instructional paradigm to develop vocabulary based Dual Coding Theory and how we store meanings of words in our brains. Through Concept Imagery – the ability to create a mental representation from language – explicit and systematic instruction can increase vocabulary for all learners at both the primary and secondary levels.

This webinar is presented by Valentina Nikolic, the Regional Director of Development for Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes.