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The end of staff wellbeing: Is there another way?

How might schools move away from the relentless post-pandemic focus on wellbeing by building communities of belonging?

In this webinar, Making Stuff Better (MSB) Director, Matt Hall, will be challenging the current thinking around wellbeing in schools for staff and explore ways in which we might address this issue from a more fundamental starting point.

Drawing on MSB's work with over 300 international schools around the world, Matt will invite participants to consider what it really means to be well at work, help you identify some of the common stumbling blocks and (gently) challenge you into thinking differently about it (if you want to of course).

In summary, webinar participants will:

* Understand the research that really matters on staff wellbeing
* Consider what wellbeing priorities really matter in your school
* Explore alternative approaches to leading wellbeing
* Leave with some clear next steps