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Supporting the Mental Health of Students in International Schools

Experienced teachers possess the soft skills and experience necessary to manage the design of the curriculum, lead a class, and support the individual mental health of their students. They may also know who in their school they can go to for support and when they should seek out other professionals. However, for new teachers in an international school context, the how and when of supporting the mental health of their students can be a mystery. Added to this are the challenges caused by COVID. Many international schools are engaged in a hybrid education model where personal relationships may be more difficult to build. 

This webinar will help participants to become more aware of the unique context of international schools and gain insights into how they might support the mental health of their students. 

This webinar was presented by Shannon Bruce Ramaka, Ed.D and Thom Nijstad from the International Teachers Education for Secondary Schools (ITESS) programme at NHL Stenden University, and Ines Schreiner from the International School of Carinthia. NHL Stenden University is one of COBIS' ITT partners.