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Supporting Opportunities for Multilingualism in International Schools

With an increasing focus on skills over content, proficiency over performance, and career and university readiness over meeting graduation requirements; school heads and teacher leaders need to understand a wide universe of trends.

As a thought leader in the field of proficiency based language instruction and a champion of multilingualism, in this webinar, Avant Assessment will share a brief overview of the opportunities in multilingualism which international schools need to know about and the different ways to support them.

Attendees will understand key items in 'The Multilingual Turn' happening in international schools, pathways to universities that can begin with bilingual certification in secondary school including the Global Seal of Biliteracy, and how their world language programs can be major components in the increasing trend towards micro-credentialing/badging and the alternative transcript movement.

Participants are invited to try a sample test beforehand to better understand what we mean by proficiency, here:

This webinar will be led by Avant Assessment's James Mattiace, Roger Burt, Brandee Mau, alongside The Global Seal's Linda Egnatz.