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Reducing emotional vulnerability and promoting emotional resilience and regulation

Emotions are a normal part of our everyday lives. We all experience a range of them. However for some students, emotions can seem overwhelming, like an out-of-control roller coaster. Adolescence in general is a turbulent time given the brain development and psycho-social changes. Then add the increased academic expectations, “exam time”, exploration of identity and the strive for independence. We have a perfect storm for emotional vulnerability.

In this webinar from Komodo - led by their psychology team member, Abby, who supports schools across the globe with school-wide wellbeing measurement, solutions and strategy - you will learn what the “stress response” looks like in students from a physical and biological perspective which will help in identifying students who are emotionally vulnerable. The webinar will then explore the factors that contribute to emotional vulnerability - the factors which individually or cumulatively impact student resilience.

Lastly, this webinar will leave you with practical strategies that can be used on a daily basis that reduce emotional vulnerability and promote emotional resilience and regulation.