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Psychological Safety in the school environment: how to create, measure and intervene

When psychological safety is present within the school environment, students feel safe to openly communicate their thoughts and feelings, be creative, share ideas and show their authentic self. It helps build a sense of trust between students, peers and teachers, and fosters a strong sense of belonging which primes students for optimum learning engagement.

Studies suggest there is a difference between staff and student reported levels of psychological safety. This can be due to students' increased exposure/awareness of bullying, peer aggression, isolation and victimisation, compared to teachers. So how do we bridge the gap?

Join this webinar to learn about benefits and positive outcomes of psychological safety, as well as downsides caused by its absence. This session will also focus on ways and strategies to promote and measure psychological safety in the school environment. Komodo Psychology Lead, Ilia Lindsay will be running this webinar.