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Neuroscience of Learning and Memory Formation

The latest research in cognitive science has afforded more insights into how our brain processes information, stores it in short and long term memory, how memory is retrieved and how information is manipulated in the working memory for problem solving and growth.

With a focus on maths learning, Mangahigh's Michelle Kueh discusses how a games-based mindset can strategically be implemented in classrooms, to deliver effective, goal-oriented learning. A games-based mindset primes learners into a stage of heightened information processing, as the brain opens the synaptic flood gates to neurotransmitters that are responsible for motivation, engagement, attention and memory formation.

This session also investigates a gamer's brain to help understand how it responds to various educational technologies, and how games-based inspired lessons optimise the use of technology in classrooms to enhance learning. When learners experience this type of learning lesson, we witness the true power of technology and the brain working in synergy.