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Introducing the Reading Support Pathway and the SEND Guide

This webinar by GL Education offers an introduction to the Reading Support Pathway, explaining the links it has to research, evidence-based practice and feedback from our Partner Schools.

The Pathway is designed to help teachers understand individual need by looking beyond some of the commonly used metrics such as reading age. With this information, backed by assessment data from the New Group Reading Test (NGRT) teachers are better equipped to support students to become fluent, skilled and engaged readers.

The hosts, from GL Education, will be presenting the information through the lens of their experiences as a reading lead in a UK MAT and as a primary SENCO in an international school, respectively.

In this webinar attendees will:
1) Understand NGRT as a standardised reading assessment
2) Use NGRT data to identify reading need
3) Introduce the Reading Support Pathway and SEND Guide
4) Explore how to use GL Education’s reading support in your current roles