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ICPC – International Child Protection

This webinar focuses on safeguarding children in British overseas schools through the use of International Child Protection Certificates (ICPCs). These help employers see whether a potential employee poses a risk to children by providing authentic certified information about convictions, cautions, reprimands and warnings, as well as information deemed relevant in the interests of child protection.

ICPCs are used by more than 4,000 registered organisations in over 150 countries around the world. If you recruit staff to work with children overseas and the recruitment decision takes place outside of the UK, the ICPC is the only responsible vetting tool.

The webinar also features a case study from COBIS Accredited Member School, British International School, Riyadh.

The session is hosted by Karen Kinge, a Deputy Manager from ACRO Criminal Record Office with Stephanie Wright, Human Resources Manager at British International School, Riyadh.