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IBDP Readiness: A Pastoral and Academic Partnership

The English College in Prague has honed its transition process from pre-IB to IB (KS4 to KS5) education to such an extent that their students’ IB results have increased year on year with close attention to student wellbeing. Their students and parents report that they’ve been very satisfied with the guidance provided in choosing IB subjects and readiness for university.

This session outlines how they prepare their students for success in the IBDP through consistent whole-school academic expectations and steadfast pastoral support from KS3 in concert with a deliberate, highly structured timeline of transition events. It discusses what’s worked and hasn’t worked for them, and they share anecdotes from their experiences with helping students transition.

This webinar is presented by Emily Rankin, FCCT, English teacher and Deputy Head of Upper School and Teaching & Learning, and Helen Hulova, Maths teacher, Head of House and Head of PSME at The English College in Prague, a COBIS Accredited Member and Training School.