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How to use storytelling as your most powerful school marketing weapon

Schools - you may have other marketing activities in place or underway (e.g. a new website or a digital marketing campaign). While these are important strings to your marketing bow, they simply won't make an impact if the story you are telling about your school isn't resonating with prospective families. This is your silver (marketing) bullet! Telling a great story will mean you connect with your school community and differentiate yourselves in a way that's difficult to beat.

During this session, The Stickman Consultancy's Founder and Director, Emily Richards, will share 3 key takeaways that show schools exactly how to use storytelling effectively.

Plus, Stickman will show you how big brands are using storytelling as a key marketing technique too. So if you're looking for an injection of creativity to keep your school's marketing energised and fresh, join this webinar for a jam-packed session which is guaranteed to leave you feeling motivated, inspired and bursting with ideas.