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How to Scale School Clubs and Activities Using a Tech Platform

Enrichment programmes are a well-established and critical part of a student's education, in and out the classroom. They offer a host of benefits, including student wellbeing and better school performance. However, the larger and more complex these programmes are, the more time your staff and teams must spend organising and managing these.

This webinar looks at the ways that tech can be used to organise enrichment activities and help your school provide a rich and varied programme that benefits your students and their families. Ultimately, reducing the pressures and stress on your teams.

In this informative webinar, David James, Deputy Principal of The British School in Tokyo will discuss how they went about transforming their clubs and activities programme to reflect their school vision, and maximising opportunities for students in a growing school. David will also talk about how they used tech to support this project and ensured a smooth transition to a new way of working for both staff and parents.

In this session you will learn:

  • How to offer the best wellbeing and enrichment experience for your students.
  • Organising complex and varied activity programmes.
  • Scaling activities programmes.
  • Saving time and improving efficiency with a tech approach.
  • How to support your staff through a new system launch.