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How to Harness the Potential of AI and Digital Transformation… Whilst Avoiding the Pitfalls

Two of the most overused buzzwords of 2023 were ‘Digital Transformation’ and ‘AI’ - across all industry sectors. But what do they really mean, what do they mean for schools, how should they be harnessed and when?

In this session, The EduTec Alliance draw on decades of experience in delivering successful AI and Digital Transformation initiatives – that of COBIS itself being the most recent.

The webinar covers:
• The critical elements required for your Digital Transformation to deliver value - on time and on budget.
• Why educational technology has repeatedly failed to live up to its promise of improved student outcomes, and how this may all be about to change.
• How Artificial Intelligence has the potential to radically transform school performance, and the building blocks that need to be in place to make the ‘AI Infused School’ a reality. NB: We’re not talking about a few ChatGPT prompts here.

The underlying implications of Digital Transformation and the AI-Infused School are far wider than just IT. This webinar is a must for all decision-makers with an interest in what the school of the very near future will look like, and how it can be realised.