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How Neuroscience and Technology are Promoting Lifelong Learning at International Schools

In this webinar, Charles Wood, a senior representative from CENTURY Tech with experience of working with international schools talks about the power of technology, not only to improve learning outcomes, but to instil positive learning behaviours that extend outside of the classroom. Neuroscience/brain science/metacognition are becoming far more commonplace in schools to understand the way in which we learn. We also hear from schools that are currently using such concepts/theories successfully in the classroom, with the assistance of technology.

This webinar features insights from:
- Dr Steffen Sommer, Principal of Doha College and COBIS Board member
- Chris Watson, Deputy Head of Doha College
- Ben Cooper, Principal of GEMS Wellington International Academy Al Khail
- Abimbola Dosunmu, Assistant Head of Junior School at Children's International School (CIS) Lagos