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Gamification as a pedagogical tool

This webinar will be hosted by Victor Bratu, Geography and ICT teacher at Avenor College, Romania.

The progress of technology is fast and our students are more in sync than other generations with the virtual world, a process that will grow exponentially. In order to keep the interest alive in our lessons I have learned that I need to meet them halfway and start using tools that they already master to enable them to build, learn and show off to others. Using game design concepts I managed to create lessons that are both more engaging and more impactful.

Gamification of the lesson is a more interactive way of learning how to use ideas, concepts and tools that they already know and apply them to knowledge and research. This way we bring excitement in different stages that normally would feel dull. However, technology in class has value if it enhances and even transforms learning. How do we manage a balance between using technology to raise motivation and, at the same time, make sure it impacts learning?

In this session you will learn about:

- The Triple E framework - Engagement, Enhancement, Extension
- What types of gamification we use on a daily basis and what alternatives there are
- PBL (Project based learning) using games
- Escape rooms as a revision strategy
- The power of a good story - The world of Everclever
- AAA games with educational releases
- Pros and Cons of gaming