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Foundations of a Primary EAL department in an International Context

Establishing or inheriting a Primary EAL department in an international context can be daunting.

While there may be many ways to approach taking on the establishment of EAL provision in a school, in this webinar, Deborah Thomas, Head of EAL at The British School of Tashkent, aims to break down how she has gone about doing this in her current setting; a school in Central Asia with a high EAL intake and which had no EAL provision on her arrival.

Deborah will share how she got started on this journey, identifying context and the first simultaneous steps that she undertook as a sole staff member in a newly established EAL department.

In addition, this webinar will also outline Deborah's approach to policy, processes and the strands of provision she established and how this was launched and is maintained.

Leading EAL is a multi-faceted area of provision that includes every member of staff. EAL can be a challenging area that may encounter varying levels of staffing, budget constraints, staff understanding of EAL and staff turnover to name a few.

With this in mind, Deborah will also identify in greater detail the challenges she has encountered in context and possible obstacles on a journey to establishing a bespoke Primary EAL department.

In summary. this webinar's learning outcomes will help attendees:

* To understand the EAL needs of your context
* To identify a way to establish Policy, Process and Provision of EAL
* To raise awareness of elements involved in launching and maintaining EAL provision
* To identify challenges in leading EAL