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Exam Stress: What is Happening and How to Support Students

We now have incredible insight into what the developing brain needs for successful learning, relationships and behaviour. This practical webinar explores the difficulty of managing stress and the physiological responses of stress that many students experience as they head into exams and final assessments.

Komodo's psychologist and guest speaker Dr. Amy Edwards provides an explanation of the mind-body connection of the stress response (also known as the “fight or flight response”). We explore how students are affected by this response in regards to their learning, mental and physical health and how to identify students who need additional support.

The webinar then focuses on practical strategies that students and staff can use to regulate and restore the imbalance created by the stress response. This includes immediate solutions for “in-the-moment” as well as long-term strategies that support student resilience.

The session is led by psychologists Ilia Lindsay and Dr. Amy Edwards from Komodo.