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Evidence of Impact: Using Formative Assessment Data Beyond COVID-19

COVID-19 has caused widespread school closures in 188 countries and impacted hundreds of millions of students. Never in our lifetimes has education been so disrupted for so many.

This unprecedented situation highlights a key challenge. How can we understand the effects of particular events, or of background conditions, on our students’ education?

In this webinar Kate Bailey, Director of Policy and Business Development and Kate McKim, Marketing Executive at Cambridge CEM, are joined by Hamish Farquharson, Assistant Head of School (Student Outcomes) at Kolej Tuanku Ja’afar in Malaysia. They reflect on the challenges of teaching and learning in the current climate, and explore how formative assessments can help us to understand how the disruption has affected students and inform next steps to ensure successful outcomes and progress for all learners.

This webinar considers:

- The impact of this period of disruption on learning.
- Where to focus after this period of disruption. 
- How data from baseline assessments can help to inform next steps.