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Empowering students for a plastic waste free future with Common Seas

The webinar aims to introduce the work of community interest company “Common Seas” in the area of plastic waste reduction with a vision to maintain healthy seas and oceans as well as why plastic is a problem and how educators can include it in their teaching and learning activities.

Our educational programme is called Ocean Plastics Academy (OPA) and aims to help every child understand the plastic crisis so they can help create a plastic waste-free future. Ocean Plastics Academy combines a suite of curriculum-aligned resources with practical activities to equip young people with the knowledge, skills and confidence to lead a plastic waste revolution in their school and beyond.

Our action-based and student-led educational initiative Plastic Clever Schools (PCS) that allows schools to understand their plastic footprint and create action plans to reduce it, will also be presented along with opportunities to hear from our COBIS collaborators in Greece, a school leader and a teacher who have worked with us to implement OPA the previous years and are currently leading the PCS initiative in their schools.