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Difficult Conversations: How to approach mental health concerns in students

Student wellbeing and mental health has never been more at the forefront of our minds than it is in 2023. Join Registered Psychologist and Komodo Psychology Lead Ilia Lindsay for a 60 minute session on how to navigate difficult conversations with students around mental health. In this webinar we will look to enhance your ability to address the critical topic of student mental health with confidence and compassion. This session is designed specifically for teachers and will provide practical frameworks, techniques, and considerations for having difficult conversations surrounding mental health. Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills necessary to create a supportive and empathetic environment, making a positive impact on your students’ wellbeing.
• Understand current global mental health challenges faced by students.
• Understand the impact poor student mental health has on the school environment.
• Learn a range of strategies to approach conversations around mental health.
• Learn how to engage in difficult conversations whilst still protecting your own mental health and self-care.
• Leave the session with knowledge surrounding the psychology behind difficult conversations AND tools and templates to help you initialise those conversations.