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Creative Qualifications – Project Based Learning

This webinar looks at curriculum structure and approaches to teaching, learning and assessment for creative subjects. It explores the range and breadth of the creative qualifications available internationally, looking at project-based assessment methods and real work-based approaches to assessment design, and how these can prepare students for the professional environment.

It covers:
1. Creative skills and the creative brain and the need to nurture and develop these skills in a post pandemic world
2. Creative skills development
3. Flexibility and adaptability (with specific reference to pandemic approaches to blended delivery)
4. Communications skills development and the transferable skills inherent in performing and creative arts
5. Team work and the development of collaborative practice with multi-disciplinary peers
6. Work based learning and assessment that replicates the creative industry professions
7. Working in a ‘real world’ environment with real outcomes and how this extends and enhances learning
8. Celebration of student achievement and how this raises profile and can become a shop window for the wider provision within a school or college and thus broaden recruitment

This session is presented by Miriam Venner, Associate Dean for Academic Standards at UAL Awarding Body.