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Creating Change in Cambodian Education

COBIS Charity Partner SeeBeyondBorders has been working with communities, teachers and the Ministry of Education in Cambodia for almost 13 years where we build support for inclusive quality education for all Cambodian children through locally led programme based on evidence. SeeBeyondBorders focuses on improving the quality of education for Grade 1-3 by building teacher skills, confidence and materials to teach better literacy and numeracy so that children are equipped with the foundations to build brighter futures.

In this webinar we will be joined by some team members from Cambodia who will explain the primary education context in Cambodia and share examples of what SeeBeyondBorders is doing to improve teaching and learning.

The journey is beginning with SeeBeyondBorders and the COBIS network. We look forward to sharing experiences and giving young learners the opportunity to learn and think critically about the important issues in the world.
SeeBeyondBorders welcome schools and educational institutions to support our work in Cambodia. Watch this webinar to learn more and explore areas of engagement. Together we can continue to grow and learn, raising the quality of education across the world.